Yok Thana Sri Tra Phy – (LIMITED PIECES)

Yok Thana Sri Tra Phy – (LIMITED PIECES)

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Takrud Yok Thana Sri Tra Phy

(uplifted life, noble wealth)

blessed by  Reverend Father Manoch,

Wat Bung Khla, Nakorn Ratchasima province.


✨️it is considered as one of the best takruds of good quality.  having  this is excellent  for  auspicious thing.


✨️With the power of Buddha, It has everything about  money, belongings, Thanasarn Sombat which Dej called “wind blowing”


✨️Bringing luck to those who worship,  Reverend Father Manoch created a Takrud to raise status of individuals.


✨️This noble treasure is to help people ,  To help those who are in trouble, to find the balance, to get rid of poverty, to get rid of the poverty and hardships, help uplift life, help to raise the family higher status.


✨️Encourage fortune to prosper, use to solve debt, get rich, gain wealth and receive only prosperity.


✨️Luang Pho wrote formula for the heart, the formula “Do not be poor”, Maha Mantra, Blessed with the incantation “Accelerate wealth, sit and count money, stand and collect gold” tied with a green rope.


✨️By giving the auspicious pronoun “Kheaw Nuaw Wealth”, we can call this Takrud only accept, no matter what wealth it is.  Lots and lots of money can be received.


✨️If anyone has merit to spend, never have to be afraid until don’t be afraid to starve.  from a bad life  Surprisingly, this Takrud will fix, support, help, and support the cause of suffering.

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