Yi – sa Takrud

Yi – sa Takrud

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✨#Yisa Takrud✨ #Luang Pu Sayakwan Phra Chaya Inthawangso
#Burmese yisa have many wives and many boyfriends fighting with each other to seal their fate
Blessed: Luang Pu Sayakwan Phra Chaya Inthawangso
Yi Sa Takrud, whoever uses it must be careful, as there will be many boyfriends and wives, people will secretly like them.
🌟Don’t be alarmed, what kind of takrud is this? “Yeeza” Yiza is a Burmese language meaning “lover or lover” during the time of Luang Pu Saya Kwan.

🔥Which house gives alms to monks? Both young women and old widows looked into their eyes. Even small children, breastfed children, stopped eating and looked at this young man. Two girls saw with their own eyes that they were breastfeeding. They left their breasts and crawled, holding their arms and shoulders for the young man from the temple to carry them into their waists.

🔥This Takrud, this subject is effective. Luang Pu Saya Gang He came back to Siam and didn’t want to hurt anyone or else he would have a lot of wives and be in trouble.

🔥The headman of the northern village called “Pho Luang” came and asked him to make a Yi Sa takrud for him because he knew that temple boy had told him about it. Luang Pu Sayakwan said that you cannot give it to just one person. I have many disciples.

🔥I decided to make Takrud Yisa, but I did it just once, not version 1, no version 2, no other version. Because there is only one generation, only done once, made in the line of worship of the teacher, the owner of the textbook, many Yiza Burmese.

🔥Yeesa Takrud. Whoever uses it must be careful. There will be many boyfriends and wives. People will secretly like them.  This takrud is difficult to do. Made 16 days to perfect the attraction spell

🔥This filling powder is important.  This powder is obtained from sun-dried Pak Bat rice5. Pee Sek every day mixed with medicinal herb powder

🔥Takrud Yisa, the Buddhist virtue that you can rely on.

Ordinary people use it as a source of great charm:

  • Affectionate
  • kindness engraved in the heart
  • charming
  • hypnotizing
  • mesmerizing
  • passionate
  • sensual
  • passionately devoted to you
  •  Through meeting, and making eye contact, you can pull their heart.If you use it to trade, contact work, do business. People who see each other’s faces, make eye contact, will be liked, will not be offended, will be pleasing to the eye, will have smooth business contacts, and will be successful. Overcome obstacles smoothly

🔥Yesa Takrud for attraction, Swirl the takrut in water and pray 32x universal katha, make your wish and pour on it your legs

🔥Yesa Takrud for work, negotiations, or trade, let him help you take care of it. Let’s do the same thing, but pour holy water on the work desk, the shop.

The katha of Yisa takrud.

Universal katha (x3) followed by
Sesantaa Santa Tita

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