Yantra Om Duang – Limited Edition (Specially for KKgems Customers)

Yantra Om Duang – Limited Edition (Specially for KKgems Customers)


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Yantra om Duang

It is a talisman that has existed since ancient times. People in the past would have used this talisman for those who would fight in various battles or would use it to protect against bad things. For Black Magic, human beings, ghosts, occultists, ghosts, spirits, demons, things. invisible People who think maliciously are at their own peril.
By this Yantra Lom Duang, you will have two important characteristics:

1. Maha Utma
It is protection against misfortune. Stay safe Various dangers That will happen so that the owner’s fortune will not encounter only bad things. Let life lead in a good direction. There is only happiness and prosperity. (anti- xiaoren properties is so strong – you will never worry about backstabbers and gossipers)

2. Great fortune
It is a means of having results or having success. It is auspicious, experiencing only prosperity in life, not being depressed, not being destitute, encountering only good things.

By charging the fortune into With the ascendant in your birth chart Then surrounded by prayers Destiny’s horoscope Surrounded by good things

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