Turtle brings infinity wealth

Turtle brings infinity wealth


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KKgems.sg & Ajan Boss special event exclusive for KKgems customers. Limited Edition.

Turtle + infinity + lucky no. specific person

Turtle brings infinity wealth 🐢♾️
The meaning of this “Nong Tao brings infinite wealth”
Auspicious turtle 🐢: It is an animal that has an insatiable appetite. Only moving forward, no backwards. Wealth, riches, no money leaks. Protect your wealth Having a long lifespan
Infinity Money Loop ♾️ : Money flowing is the auspicious number 8, indicating the call for endless money.

Turtle brings wealth to infinity 🐢♾️

Amulet (silver pendants)
Bracelet (stainless steel)
Focus on calling wealth Focus only on making money.
It’s a Limited edition model.
(Metta type, not ghost type)

Suitable for sellers, gambling, lottery, any type of lottery.
All types of money earning lines 💚🤭

Why do you focus only on wealth and Sri?
99% of people’s suffering is caused by low wealth.
Ajan boss wants to help relieve some of your suffering, that’s still good.
Let it be a source of auspiciousness in your next life.
Let it be a place to bring luck and bring good things about wealth.

Ajan Boss will recommend the lucky number for you that would hang on your personalized bracelet that would be blessed specially for you.

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