Tor Ayu ( Renewal)

Tor Ayu ( Renewal)

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Size : width 0.6 cm x length 2 cm.

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Takrud Tor a-yu , Renewal amulet
Blessing by Luang Pu Maen Phuriyano, Khao Chan monastery, Phetchabun province.

Used to reduce misfortune and lessen bad karma.
Relieve serious diseases,  Karmic disease from heavy to light
An amulet that dissolves bad karma
Use it for your destiny. It is very good at warding off bad luck and renewing life.

This is also good for someone who is battling serious health issues or thinks health keeps worrying you.

Every piece is hand inscribed on the specified auspicious time, consecrated for 7 days
#Every piece is lacquered and covered with real gold. 🚩There is a code and number.

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