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Name great charm takrut (Tekko 4th generation)

Blessed by Reverend Grandfather Chumsai Athipanyo (Luang pu Chumsai)

Raroeng Temple, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.



Consecrated for many months, this is good for fortune, specially coming from sales.

Are u scared of not having to hit sales quota every month? Scared not enough to be able to recieve bonus?


LP had input benefits in the hope that the users will receive.

1. great mercy so that when they deal with customers there will be no misunderstanding and only smooth transactions.

2. greatness – so that customers of sellers will see them of a good heart and would like to patronize and support them.

3. great charm so that more customers will be attracted to what the seller have to say and have smooth deals.

4. Fortune, wealth, good sales so that there is sure close deals.

5. make a good living, flexible time, so no stress feelings of having to get through time bad tides.

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