Taowesuwan Pendant

Taowesuwan Pendant


Amulet comes with casing.

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Taowesuwan – Wat Chulamanee

Wealth God

Wessuwan’s weapon is traditionally the truncheon (known as “Grabong” in Thai). This truncheon is one of four supernatural weapons, namely


1. the Vajra of the God Indra (called “Wachira” in Thai)

2. the eyes of “Phra Yom” (Yama)

3. the special cloth of Aalaawakayaksa and

4. the “kataawut” of Wesuwan (the truncheon). This truncheon has the power to be flung through the air and crack the heads of many thousands of Ghost in one single throw



👻 Chasing away negative karma

👻 Protection from those who have ill intentions on you

👻 Prevent bad things from happening

👻 Not letting Ghost or any supernatural entity near you or harm you.



👻 for those who have helped in coffin donation – taowesuwan will help transform the merits of the dead to add on to your own merits and let the undead grant your wish when you pray in this Ghost festival.

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