Takrut ฉัน – “C̄hạn” ( Takrud Chan)

Takrut ฉัน – “C̄hạn” ( Takrud Chan)


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Amphasiriwong Temple
Luang Phee J

On this special day, 12/01/2024, Luang Phee J from Amphasiriwong Temple has released a special takrud to KKgems exclusively. This takrud is not for sale anywhere else, and not for sale to the general public too. This is indeed exhilarating and it is for so long we do good, good will come to us.

This takrud is named ฉัน – “C̄hạn” which translates to ( me, myself, i) as it is yours. The special meaning behind that you are the blessed one, you are the good one so you will receive the goodness in everything in life. You are also the lucky one, it is you who made everything possible. “YOU” deserve the best.

C̄hạn was consecrated for 3 years, it also contains the hair of LP to transfer his power, and his merits to bless and empower those who worship the takrud.

It is for protection, luck, and communication for businesses and work.

For protection:
It protects you from danger and the renewal of strength. It creates a shield of protection.

For luck:
The takrud holds the power to attract unexpected and sudden wealth. Do your merits, like how the takrud was blessed upon you, pay it forward and luck will follow too.

No one is unlucky forever. It clears all the negativity in your life and soon, dwells on the good luck of things happening in your life, your work, everything.

For communication:
It boosts both your self-confidence and self-esteem, making you feel more confident to say and execute any plans, you will gain favor with anyone, your bosses, and your customers.


Translated by Tiffany (kkgems.sg)

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