Takrud Swan Ron

Takrud Swan Ron

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Takrud Swan Ron
Luang Pu Rin Khmer

. Luang Pu Rin Khmer has power that no one can compare with. Takrud Swan Glider also known as Swan Ron, lustful in love, charming and fiery, making a living from money, making it rise, the owner of the money will be shocked

The gliding swan is a Khmer treatise. Its power is strong. It performs a ritual so powerful that it can summon husbands and wives, young women, and young men back home to watch over the house. This book is for those who have completed Kasiṇa and prayed for the power of Kasiṇa first. Ordinary lay monks cannot do this.

​       The swan is a noble thing, and you as woman will have honors of a queen. Graceful like a swan The beauty is at the level of an angel. Luxury, elegance, looks expensive, it’s five-star level. Men are also outstanding at the level of angels and stars.

Swan gliding is a valuable thing, has a price, has Khun Anek gliding, swooping, sliding, coming to find you, please to please, bring good things to you, bring love to you, bring money, gold, opportunities to send, Takrud Swan gliding. You say you get good things suddenly.

This takrud is the most difficult to make. Because it’s worth as much as gold. Take gold and put it on the Takrud plate to awaken it with a magic spell to remove the curse of your husband being lost outside. Dissolve the impurities by allowing the gold particles to penetrate deep into the first layer of the talisman first. Use a gold bar as a pillow to try the metal plate while applying the Phaya Hong Ron Heart amulet on it. When descending, you must pray to Vayoksin as strength and make it into a takrud. You must find 5 mysterious magical items and consecrate them: the flying swan’s amulet, the dancing dragon’s heart, Garuda’s tail feathers, the king of the forest’s whiskers, and the scales of the Ananda fish. (All of them are mysteries that you did not reveal. Only those who know can do it) consecrated in the air In front of the Takrud placed at the base of Chukchi, a vision occurred. Manopas, a large swan, descended and disappeared and transformed into the Takrud, thus succeeding.

This takrud explains how to cast it according to the spell.

The charm of person is that wherever they take the Swan Takrud, beautiful women and handsome men come and fall in love, fall in love with them, pamper them, surrender their body, surrender their mind.

Money, gold, rising is auspicious money. Will be with auspicious people Swan Takrud is a high quality item, good item, auspicious item. Just like a magnet is attracting money, attracting gold, attracting wealth. Increase your wealth, become richer, and definitely become a millionaire. A lot of wealth flows, it is not skimped on, and it is not used up.

The dealer surrenders. The direct meaning is that when gambling, the dealer loses. No matter how big you are or how lucky you are, you will lose to Phaya Hong Ron. Swan in the sky Know the principle that every time you swoop down, you’ll get your money back. But the meaning is deeper than that: investing in a company, store, trading, wanting success, wanting bracelets. Will have a mysterious power over people, gliding through the air. Come help us to grow and prosper. Business is beautiful. Companies and stores also have good bracelets. Doing business will see results, progress and expand your work far away. The swan glides and dances, leading in every direction, everywhere.

Phraya Hong glided the Takrud with all the power to the heart of the Phra Mi Rit Song Kasin texts.

The swan is like a woman, wandering, wandering, wandering, wandering, coming to love, to be lost, to go to the knob, to land on the kon, to stick to the island.

The swan is money and auspicious things. It is in the air, gliding, flowing, coming to us. Wherever the money will follow and stick close to us. The gem ring is precious, the golden opportunities flow along without stopping, never stopping.

A swan is a golden opportunity, an opportunity for success, an opportunity to be rich, an opportunity for prosperity and progress, gliding in the air, ready to glide, hover, and catch us at any time. It has come and it has made it better, more prosperous, more successful.

Takrud Hong Ron, carry it with you, don’t keep it away, don’t take it off when going to the bathroom, wake it up with a spell, give alms to monks and make merit, especially cooked rice, don’t let it tear. (When making merit, there must be cooked rice as well.) Then you will improve in everything as mentioned above.

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