Takrud Na Setthi

Takrud Na Setthi

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Name Takrud Na Setthi

Phra kru Palad chi ra pong (Luang pho Liang),
Wat Chom Kase, Phra Nakornsri Ayuthaya province.

The best magic amulet with the Maha Luay brand, calling for money and high-class gold.

Takrud Na Setthi- It is a high-quality amulet with the power of kindness (people being kind to you), and great fortune, attracts wealth, receives luck, receives money, and makes good business.

Luang Nanny of Chom Kaset Temple Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province in this creation, Luang Phi Nian has summoned the teacher’s talisman – Yantra Setthi Phra Siwali heart talisman

It is spread by word of mouth by his students on its very strong and magical power. along with this, teachers have come forward to help in praying and consecrating this takrud of this generation of millionaires as well.

Luang Nanny has prayed for mercy and consecrates alone. Instilled in this strong and powerful takrud are magic spells for the heart of a millionaire.

Worship it your heart and with good intentions to open up a fortune, change fate, have money to spend without running out of money, and eat without going hungry.

It can be called the technique of a millionaire calling for money. It fetches gold and summons high wealth. It is an amulet that is worshipped and will open the way to wealth. There is no shortage of money. Think of money, you get money. Think of gold, you get gold. Be rich all year long, throughout your life.

Takrud Na Setthi is created for use to find wealth, money, and fortune, you will be a millionaire soon.

The takrud is inscribed with Yantra Katana Setthi –
Millionaire’s Heart: Luang Nanny directs the characters with the spell “Heart of Wealth” Millionaire Mantra.

Close the prayer with the heart of Phra Sivali.
Concerning money and gold, running any business will be successful, all good results, no obstacles, and no problems. Money flows, gold flows. whatever you sell, profit grows, and there is no loss. Create with 999 flowers.

Length of takrud – 1 inch


Universal katha 3x followed by

Ma A U Siwang Prommaa Jittang
(3 times)

To pray 1 time and then just make a wish

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