Takrud Na Sanaeha

Takrud Na Sanaeha

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It’s time to take care of yourself.

Takrud Na Sanaeha

Phra kru Palad chi ra pong (Luang pho Liang),
Wat Chom Kase, Phra Nakornsri Ayuthaya province.


The ultimate amulet of great charm. Luang Nanny of Chom Kaset Temple Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Takrud making ceremony The takrud is for Attraction and Charming Effects. Luang Nanny has invited all the gods and angels which has direct power in the field of great charm and teachers that you have studied from the past to the present to come and help bless this creation.

Luang Nanny performed a prayer. Charged with Maha Phutthakhom Sai Maha Sanae Pray to consecrate the mind with the magical magic spells of a master class. onto the Takrud Na Sanaeha.

Many people who have worshiped have good stories, if you know the background story of LP Nanny, you will know his takruds are highly sought after in Thailand, All selling out FAST.

Takrud Na Sanehha contains strong and good Buddhist mantras including charm, kindness, and great popularity. Worshiping it will bring good fortune. It adds a lot of charm to the wearer. It is the most powerful charm in enhancing your charm.

Takrud Na Sanae is the science of great charm, kindness, and high Niyom. Those who worshiped will be loved by gods, angels, and all people, as well as those who come in contact, with those who you just meet.
No matter where you travel to, you will be loved. A miracle is a wonder, a fascination, a love. Wherever you walk, you will have charm in every direction. Whether you use it for kindness, you won’t be disappointed. Luang Nanny has prayed to cover all aspects of great charm and great mercy.

Lovers and people who like you will be fascinated just a glance. Also suitable for LGBT, men who love men, women who love women, gays, toms, and ladyboys. Regardless of gender, anyone can use this.

Find back your lost love or new love – Mr. Loves or Mr. Lost, those who are unrequited in love, use this to bring your charm to another level.

If the worshiper believes in the teacher who consecrated this takrud, it will help you experience only the goodness in everything.

Carry the takrud with you wherever you go and catch the eyes of the opposite sex, even the same gender is fine. They will be charmed and do as you request.

If you are doing customer service/ sales/ HR when you have face-to-face encounters with humans, you will meet loving customers.

This Takrud, whoever worships it, will have a very sacred and magical power.

Made with 999 flowers.

Length of takrud – 1 inch long


Universal katha 3x followed by:

Ehi Jittang Bpiyang Ma Ma
(3 times)

To pray 1 time and then takrud carries on you.
(Next time,just make a wish)

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