Smiling Wealth Face, Boromsuk 12 stars by LP Nim

Smiling Wealth Face, Boromsuk 12 stars by LP Nim


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Smiling Wealth Face, Boromsuk 12 stars

Luang Pu Nim, Phuttha Mongkol Temple, Suphanburi Province

It is an amulet that uses the science of Feng Shui.

The science of stars is connected with the Dhammapada in various sutras.
that represents the Buddha and the Arahant smiled happily as a result of success or achievement in various matters.

Luang Pu Nim created a smiling face to receive wealth and happiness from 12 stars. There is a reason that this smiley face is auspicious to those who have it.

Those who wear it on any part of the body will receive cool energy, happy vibes, success, and prosperity in life.

It will change the negativity, and the bad things to good and positivity only. Only the best will come to you. Plus you will receive wealth and gold. Eradicate poverty and drive out scarcity

Finally, it is parammasukkha, which is happiness in happiness.
The word “suk nai suk” or “borom suk” means that when you put on a smiling face, you will be happy in your mind and body.
Be number one, have happiness from success, and be happy to receive wealth.

Gambling aid, Walk out smiling! Promoting get-rich-quick stories and things that easily changed for the better.

For example, stocks grow at a clip which is happiness upon happiness. Getting jackpot and Jackpot Machines, Getting 1st prize at the lottery.

The word 12 stars means an auspicious time to consecrate. Auspicious time of success that is engraved. Behind the smiley face are 3 rakes & stacked together: mahatthanorek, raja rk, bhumipalo rk. – It means having a lot of assets. Called Kingsap,

This auspicious time, the highest number is called 12 stars, complete with stars in the zodiac.

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