Shiva’s eyes

 Shiva’s eyes

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This item does not come with a case.
Size : 1.7 x 2.9 cm (width x length)

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Shiva’s Eyes
Open your world

Blessings by Phra Acharn Anop Kantasilo
(Master Lek)
Tham Khao Noi Kesaro Temple, Phetchaburi Province

Shiva’s Eyes – Open your world, like having a Third Eye

  • Enhances Clarity
  • Boosts Wealth in All Forms
  • Enhances Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Increases Luck
  • Wards Off Evil Eyes

With Shiva’s Eyes, you’ll perceive opportunities around you before anyone else, whether in work, business, or fortune. While there are many good opportunities, being able to spot them first is invaluable.

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