Sarika Roi Rak Nang Long

Sarika Roi Rak Nang Long

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Takrud Sarika Love Nang Long

Takrud salika roi rak nang long


Reverend Grandfather Kham Phuang Khantithammo, Wang Sai Temple, Sa Kaeo Province

Lp.  kampoung wat wangsai


For All Types of Love


Sarika Mantra, Love Nang Long


no matter how strong the heart is, it will be soft-hearted, have a heart to love you. fall in love with you. negotiate anything with them, they will be  soft-hearted. What you want will be easily accomplished.


Hundreds of love, hundreds of love hearts, everyone will love and adore you.


Lost love?  You will find love again.

everything is successful. Your love life will be strong. great popularity, mercy,


For fortune

For trade

For career,  the boss is affectionate.

support will come always.

Has a distinctive zodiac charm to customers  Help sell very well.  Selling online is even more outstanding.


To be attractive to the eyes of the lover we love.

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