Sakodjit Sakodrak

Sakodjit Sakodrak

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this amulet is 1.5cm

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Sakodjit Sakodrak
(Love  Hypnotize)
Luang pu Si Anuttaro (97 years old)
Wat Kam Kha,
Ubon Ratchathani province

In ancient times, it was believed that this takrud, which is filled with charm powder has a special power to bind the mind and heart. No matter how stubborn a person is, you can handle it. They will submit to you. However, continue to be loving and kind to those you meet.

It has this powerful powers that will help make women fall in love and men will fall in love. This takrud model is hypnotic, sending out strong shocking waves to make people like and fall in love with you easily. Just by making eye contact, you will fall in love, your heart will melt, bewildered, enchanted.

It is one of the greatest attractions, that is strong with love magic, and charming magic, all according to the original magic spell book. Inside the takrud is filled with Sao Long herb, Golden flower herb, 108 herbal herbs, Sao Long powder, 7 directions charm powder, charm oil, beeswax, and many charm substances.

Takrud hypnotizes and stimulates love. This flower is very strong in terms of great charm and great kindness. It has the power of charm and infatuation that just by making eye contact – the heart will tremble at the sight of it, shaking the mind and shaking the heart. This is a charming takrud that is strong and magical with the power of Buddha’s sharpness.

There will be men who will come and greet you, love you, and please you. They will be full of kindness, helpfulness, and support.

Contact to negotiate for work opportunities will be successful. It also has an outstanding influence on talking and negotiating. Can be used for any sales talk.

As for love, you will fall in love with someone and they will yearn and miss you. You will not be disappointed. Even if you are not beautiful or handsome, you won’t be without a partner. You will be noticed and want to meet and speak, greet, and talk with both the same gender and the opposite gender.

Both humans and gods, even if their hearts are as hard as stone, can become as soft as a cotton ball. In times of disputes, even if both are angry at each other for a long time, they will soften and stop being angry. From enemies will become friends.

Additional Benefit is a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed,  It has outstanding influence in talking and negotiating. and trade very well

Carry this takrud around your neck and put it in your bag. It focuses on strengthening your charm, hypnotizes others, and arouses their heart. It can be carried by all genders. It is a magical item in itself that creates charm.

Puttang Radtanang Tammang Radtanang Sangkang Na Phug Mo Mad Put Rad Tha Reung Ya Greung Ka Re Om Swaha Na metta Mo Karuna Putpranee Tha Yindee Ya Endu
(1 time then you blow at the amulet)

Chant only once when you receive it. after that can Just pray universal katha
Now, bring this love to nudge outside the house, go to work, go on a trip, etc. at all times.
Remember to do merits and give to the less fortunate.

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