Ruay Takrud

Ruay Takrud

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Size :  length 2.5 cm.

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Name Takrud Ruay ( Ruay Ruay Heng Heng)

Blessing Master Tao
Wang Mai Buasila Monastery, Sa Kaeo Province

  • for love to surround you. positive vibes from friends, family members, co-workers
  • you will stand out in a crowd – ren yuan boost – there will be people who want to approach you and you will find it easy to talk with them
  • use it to go out when you attend large crowds, parties
  • Couples who want to make their love better shall use this – love boost
  • You can relieve the problem of people u like always missing from you, ghosting you, ignoring you.
  • You can use this for work relationships with co-workers – to dispel enemies – anti-xiao ren boost 
  • You can get the support & u need, and kindness from people when u pray from your heart
  • Able to use for happiness and fulfillment, find prosperity in your life
  • you will realize ” my life is full “and not feel lost all the time
  • you can use it for sales boosts
  • you can use it for good fortune – wealth boost 
  • you can use it for business – smooth business


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