Rahu Sup Setthi

Rahu Sup Setthi

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Size : 1.7 x 3.2 x 1.8 cm (width x height x thickness)

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Rahu Sap Setthi
Blessed by Luang pho Soen, Wat Kao Luang Ard ,Surin province since 2564

Phra Rahu is referred to with Great Reverence in Thailand as “The Lord of Darkness”.

Phra Rahu is worshiped at many temples throughout Thailand, the most famous of which is Wat Srisathhong in Nakhon Pathom Province. Phra Rahu was formerly a Demon God whom the Thais believe took the form of a serpent. In contemporary images now in Temples, He takes a more Demonic Human Form. Colored black, with only an upper body and head, He holds a golden orb to His mouth; the golden orb is said to be the Sun.
Phra Rahu is a somewhat Fearsome Deity, who is worshiped to prevent harm coming to Him bearing gifts. He is believed to Prevent Bad Luck and sometimes to intervene in the lives of a believer who feel their life is in a Bad Luck or Downward Spiral.
Gifts usually offered to Phra Rahu include Black grapes for business success, Black liqueur for profitable investment, Black coffee to get what you wish for, Black jelly for patience, Black beans to progress, Black rice wealth and love, Black cake for rewards, Black eggs for successful dealings or favors.
Phra Rahu’s Sacred Number is 8; a powerful number believed to be the Origin of All Earthly Things.

There are 8 kinds of black sacrificial offering food to worship Phra Rahoo.

�Black chicken� means dig and well-trading.
�Alcohol� means well-investment.
�Black coffee� means fulfillment.
�Blackjelly� (Chao-Kwuay) means calmness and carefulness.
�Black peanut� means prosperity.
�Black sticky rice� means frugally finance, family, and love.
�Thai dessert �(Kanom-Piek-Poon) means good luck.
�A preserved egg� means a successful connection.

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