Rahu Kaewmanee “Kaew Sarapatnuek”

Rahu Kaewmanee “Kaew Sarapatnuek”

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Size : 1.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm.

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Rahu Kaewmanee “Kaew Sarapatnuek”
Blessings by Luang Phor Kee, Wang Daeng Temple

Key Benefit: Grants wishes, Wealth, Protection
Added Benefit: Pink – Attraction towards the opposite sex. Red – Power. Purple – Renyuan

“Embrace the pursuit of good fortune, where abundance knows no bounds.”

Endowed with the potent energy of the Naga crystal, granting the ability to manifest desires effortlessly.

Protected by the benevolent force of Rahu, shielding from harm and ensuring safety.

Infused with the exceptional virtues of Buddha, enhancing wealth generation and prosperity. Overflowing with the power to attract and retain riches, ensuring fortunate outcomes in both work and finances.


  • Radiates kindness, charm, and immense popularity.
  • Enhances personal glory and charm.
  • Excellently attracts the opposite sex.
  • Increases fortune and fame.


  • Possesses strong wealth attraction abilities and fosters friendships.
  • Enhances charm and fosters love from those around you.
  • Promotes mental calmness and intelligence.
  • Provides protection against black magic, ghosts, and demons.


  • Strengthens personal power and prestige.
  • Boosts leadership qualities and encourages bold expression.
  • Enhances dignity and charisma.
  • Charms others with kindness and popularity.
  • Attracts luck and wealth.

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