Rahu Bangle – closed on 24 Jan, Blessing on 31 Jan

Rahu Bangle – closed on 24 Jan, Blessing on 31 Jan



closed on 24 Jan, Blessing on 31 Jan

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Buddha’s virtues serve as pillars of support for your fortune and safety, transforming bad luck into good.

Phra Rahu, a celestial deity revered in Thai and Hindu traditions, holds dominion over eclipses.

Symbolizing transformation and change, Phra Rahu is believed to influence destiny and bring about shifts in fortune.

Devotees seek Phra Rahu’s blessings to navigate life’s transitions and overcome obstacles on their journey.

He aids in navigating interpersonal challenges, shielding against backstabbers and office politics.

Additionally, Rahu’s blessings facilitate the attraction of wealth, paving the path for prosperity.

It’s essential to note that Phra Rahu, a celestial deity, disfavors the color red. Thus, when wearing Phra Rahu’s amulet or seeking his blessings, it’s advisable to avoid wearing red attire. Phra Rahu favors the color black as a symbol of favor and respect.

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