Plow (Pan Thai)

Plow (Pan Thai)

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Name Plow model “Chanajon” (Phuttakom Khao Or)


Blessing Phra Ajahn Rasiri Sirintharo, Phu Khao Thong Temple, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province


Benefits of Plow


1. Turn evil deeds of people who want to take advantage of you and have negative intentions towards you to become good ones.


2. change fortune luck from too much spending,  balancing with too much earning.


3. enhance destiny to favor u in a better path


4. No eye sore, jealousy of friends, acquaintance and stranger. Instead they will be humble towards you.


5. prevent ghosts, solve bad years, solve the mysteries u are facing.


6. For both business and work to prosper.


7.  Examination, job examination, studying, will be smooth & pass with flying color


8. finance, gambling, trading will be favouring all the time without hiccups.


9. Talking and negotiating for sales , no obstacle .  conveniently smooth

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