Phaya Nok Yung Kham That Thong Muen Lok That

Phaya Nok Yung Kham That Thong Muen Lok That

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this item comes with a bling bling case

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Phaya Nok Yung Kham That Thong Muen Lok That, first edition

Blessing Luang Pu Kruba Sala Uvi Jing Ta, Shan Mantra, Phra That Chom Wae, Mueang Na Subdistrict, Chiang Mai

Good things for a better life.

The main piece of the Shan amulet is “Phaya Yung Kham”, a 3-headed peacock with a fantail, inscribed on a golden field:

“Use it to build yourself and be a millionaire”

An advanced subject that Kruba has achieved. Three-headed peacocks help each other to make a living.

They have powerful power all around, calling to receive the benefits bestowed on you.
1. Catch a pile of fortune
2. The tail represents that people will always give you their support.
3. People will see you, listen to you and follow you
4. Supporting you with finances, property, and endless fill in your tummy.
5. For people to show you more, obsession, making you feel popular
6. Good for trade, sales, companies, shops, and businesses.

Peacock Khamphichit pecks catches, takes, and brings both customers and money. has a spell for couples, a spell for people’s support, and magic to call love.

(translation by tiffany)

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