Phaya Maew eats tail – Lp Nim

Phaya Maew eats tail – Lp Nim

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Phaya Maew eats tail
Luang Pu Nim, Wat Phuttha Mongkol, Suphanburi

The golden fortune cat talisman features the cat’s tail circling around its body, towards its mouth.
Therefore, it has the ultimate effect of not starving, having food to eat, being full, complete, abundant, and not alone.

This is good for people especially when gambling, seeking luck, or making a fortune. This amulet is made from the metal of old Buddha amulets and sacred objects of Luang Pu. Therefore, it has the effect of attracting wealth, attracting a lot of money and wealth.

It summons in money, and high-quality gold. Bring this amulet with you to boost your luck in the stock market, and the lottery.

Also, it is the best in terms of charm and popularity for both women and men. In terms of career path, move up the ranks, promotion. For any competitive exams, ace it!

Anyone who has financial problems in your business, this is for contacting business. Worship it and the sellers who own it will have the magic power of calling customers into the store.

Induce high levels of fortune, calling good luck, calling fortune, and can also accelerate luck and fortune to the owner or the person who carries it, be amazed at the power of this amulet. Put it in your wallet, money flows in continuously.

The Katha:

Universal katha 3x followed by:
Ma A U  U Maa  U Maa
Wilaabhaa Raachaa Mahaa Laabhaa
Ehijongmaa Jongmaa Hohi
(1 time)

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