Payon Noi (Robot)

Payon Noi (Robot)

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Payon Noi Nong Maroy amulet

Phra Kru Palad Natwat Katakusalo (Tao Master)

Wang Mai Bua Sila Monastery, Sa Kaeo province.


2 Types – 1 Robot version, 1 takrud version (same effects)


1. Buddhakhun focuses on mercy, great fortune, calling for money and gold. Banish evil powers and demons, and most importantly solving problems.


2. Can put in cars, offices, shops, watch over farms, prevent theft, protect from all dangers.


3. It helps with bidding, job offers, brokers, insurance sales, construction contractors, government services, love enhancement, trade, protection, telling luck, telling fortune, job duties.


4. especially love, it would be able to help u find a suitable partner and getting good quality partner+++



The Buddha’s virtue of “Hoon Payon” can also protect from ghosts and demons. Khun Sai helps in strengthening luck and charisma if used to worship well.


Wai Wan said often. Offering sweet and savory food, not throwing away, can also help fortune to the owner as well.


In ancient times, it was believed that if someone had a “mysterious robot” is same as if we had a “shadow” following us to protect and protect against various dangers. If an accident happens to us, “Robot Payon” will be the one who receives the misfortune or the result of that accident instead of us. which other people who saw the event must have thought that we would definitely not survive, but we are not even harmed.

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