Parot Kin Thong (Ngern Lai Ma)

Parot Kin Thong (Ngern Lai Ma)

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Parot kin thong (Ngern Lai ma)

Mercury eats gold, money flows
Consecration by Kruba Bang Thanuttamo, Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Benefits are good for travel, leisure and work, especially overseas or if you go to an unfamiliar place. If you often do deals, and negotiations, if you work dangerous job or job that has many unknown uncertainty.

invulnerable & Protection from accidents.
Protection from Demons and Humans.
Best for Luck.
Enhance luck, support luck.
inspire fortune.
Rich and unceasingly flowing in money.

Special katha

Universal Katha (3x)

“Ohm Mahalabho Chokhavantang Ehi Jongma Thanapatang Maka came to Akkhato Paratiyo Vandittava Namamihang”

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