Panya Wai

Panya Wai

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Takrud Panya Wai
Blessed by Kruba Bang Thamudtamo
Wat Band Tanod, Nakorn Ratchasima province.

Brain Amulet
Emphasis on brain power
For great concentration.
Good consciousness and wisdom.

For children – to be more smart, concentrated good for reading books to memorize, have good brain, think quickly, think easily.

Able to listen to parents & teachers well, to be more behaved.

For adult – the mind will be united, able to think and solve problems consciously.

To think in the right way without being blinded to wisdom

When encountering a problem, you will be able to concentrate, think quickly, think correctly and carefully. Making you feel inspired to always think in the right way not distracted, clearing the brain and able to attain intelligence.

Good for those people working that need inspiration, need to solve situations and need concentration.

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