Palad Khik (MUST GET ITEM)

Palad Khik (MUST GET ITEM)


This item does not come with case. Able to wear on the pockets of the jeans (below waist)

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Today is the first day is 2024, other than wealth, protection is important.

KKgems Thai Team has visited the temple today and it is by chance and luck that the monk advises us to get this holy item. A lot of you may mind the outlook of it but the monk warned us of any impending dangers that may come this coming year so Protect yourself and your family. Keep it in your bag or put it in your living room. Other than protection, it brings you luck, yes, luck!

By LP Vichai

LUCK – for what you wish for


Luck in every aspect of life

Luck for GAMBLE
For lottery and gambling luck for MOTION,
luck in every second of your life, luck for every day

any luck u need when you are planning, preparing

any luck that you need or lack of,
which only u will know.

PROTECTION – for what you wish for

From jealousy
From danger
From sickness
From negative influences
From unseen and seen

Bring this with you, with good intentions, do merits, and luck follows. Please do not allow people to touch this amulet even after linking to you as the powers it brings are overwhelming.

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