Ngein Na Mak

Ngein Na Mak



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Ngein Na Mak
For Business & Debt Reduction
Length size 1 inch

LP Nim, Wat Phuttha Mongkol

✨The little takrud that Luang Pu gave away helps to have money and gold, good business, good fortune, wealth, no debt.

Nothing is beyond the power of the Buddha in this ocean. When good karma brings merit, there is Good results.

♧ helps to protect anyone,
♧ cannot prevent the progress of life. 2 things meet together.
♧ excellent in bringing money for the business to grow.
♧ debt reduction from owing loans, banks and lender

This Takrud, Luang Pu has a few secrets to use.

1. Take it with you.
2. Put it in a wallet or in a safe where you keep money, gold, and valuables or piggy bank.
3. Some people keep their money in the bank and carry only several bank books or cards.
Take this Takrud and keep it with the bank book or where u put ur cards

Money will flow in to increase, replenish, fill up. How much money will flow in? It will double. Double the amount that is effective that will increase to a hundred times.

A senior disciple of Luang Pu in 2004 kept this Takrud with a money bucket. (This house sells packets of ice tubes) The money has grown even more. Until now, he still doesn’t know where the money came from.

The word “pay off debt” means having more money than before, adding more money,

There is always money to spend. The type that cannot be eaten, cannot be used up.

Point out where the money comes from, whatever you do, trade, gamble, work, the results will grow and your money will grow more than before.

For career, career growth is blessed upon you to be able to save up money and never lose this opportunity to go up the career graph

LP Nim has passed on, this takrut is limited and once it’s sold.. there will be no more available

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