Nang Mao

Nang Mao

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Takrud Nang Mao

Blessed by Luang pho mian

Ban cha niang temple 2023

size 2.5 cm


Takrud Nang mao uses an ancient Khmer spell. Including herb powder, It’s a good amulet for overall benefits.

power to call for money, power to call for gold.

Power to call For good luck.

It attracts people to love us, be enchanted, and to have mercy on us always offering support to help us.

Good for career progression.

Able to use for sales and business where by people always want to work with us and listen to us.

In mercy There will be kindness, People will only be kind to us. It increases your ren yuan to be able to meet more people, socialize more and be able to communicate much better.

As the name Nang Mao, it is for overall.

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