Nakleng Rak

Nakleng Rak

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Size : Width 0.9 x Length 2.6 cm.

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Blessings by LP Yul
Wat Nong Phamak

The match-making attraction takrut by LP Yul has garnered numerous outstanding reviews from devoted followers who successfully found their ideal partners and established stable relationships.

For those who are single and find themselves pressed for time to navigate the dating scene, this takrut offers a solution. By worshiping this takrut and expressing your heartfelt desires, you can attract the most suitable partner without the need to waste time filtering through potential matches.

Rest assured that with this takrut, you will only attract what is truly good for you.

Universal Katha 3x followed by:

Na met ta ja ma ha ra cha a met ta ja ma ha se na,
au met ta ja ma ha cha na sup pa sa hen ha,
ja pu chi tung sup pa su khung,
ja ma ha la pung,
la cha gol tung vi nas sun ti,
se na gol tung, vi nas sun ti,
cha na gol tung, vi nas sun ti,
sup pa gol tung, vi nas sun ti.

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