Millionaire’s Palm

Millionaire’s Palm

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Millionaire’s Palm
Wealthy, Lucky and Definitely Rich

Blessings by Phrakru Paladthanaphat Phatthayano
Wat Thammachai Mongkol, Chiang Mai Province

Key Properties:

  • Empowered with 8 powerful mantras
  • Enhance your destiny of wealth and luck
  • Manifest your hopes and wishes

Carry it with you to amplify your luck and enhance your chances of becoming a millionaire!

“Phra Kring 108 Pi Setthi Thammachai”
This coin encompasses a yantra and numerous sacred mantras, including:

✨Namaha Kagjaina Mantra (Talisman of the master’s teacher) – Ensures prosperity, happiness, strength, and patience as one ages.

✨Na Charoensri Mantra – Bestows great compassion, popularity, and adoration from both humans and celestial beings.

✨Yan Keawmaneechot – A talisman that manifests wealth and fulfills all desires.

✨Yan Todsachat – Safeguards wealth, ensuring it never depletes. Bestows endless luck and ensures a constant flow of money.

✨Tai Setthi Mantra – Guarantees unfailing luck and success in all endeavors.

✨9dee 10dee Mantra – Ensures success in all pursuits and keeps the wearer safe.

✨Phra A-Nurut Mantra – Grants immediate fulfillment of desires.

✨Mahaphiti Mantra – Spreads great joy throughout the world, with protection from all celestial beings, ensuring the preservation of destiny.

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