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This does not come with a case
Size : 1 x 2.7 cm (width x length)

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Mayura – Robe of the Gods

Legend of the Queen of Birds
Blessings by Luang Pu Daeng Santikro
Wat Saeng Thammawanaram, Chachoengsao Province

Phra Phatthak Phra Phatthak

Key Benefit:  Overall

🦚 The peacock, revered as a noble creature, symbolizes elegance, auspiciousness, love, happiness, and prosperity.

🦚 According to Feng Shui principles, the peacock stimulates good luck in fame, enhances public acceptance, attracts attention, and protects from bad luck and danger.

🦚 For singles, the peacock serves as a symbol that can motivate others to fall in love more easily. In businesses, it is believed to enhance wealth. And for individuals in high-status positions, it is thought to promote fame, honor, success, and power.

🦚  In Buddhism, peacocks hold symbolic significance and are mentioned in various scriptures and teachings. They represent resilience and overcoming obstacles, as seen in spells like Moraparit’s Spell (Yungthong Spell) used in Buddhist prayers for protection. Metaphorically, peacocks are likened to spiritual awakening, where their beautiful feathers symbolize the inherent beauty and wisdom within individuals. Additionally, peacocks symbolize compassion and wisdom, as they can consume poisonous plants without harm, reflecting the practitioner’s ability to transform negativity into positive qualities.

🦚 “Phaya Nok Yung Thong” translates to “Golden Peacock,” emphasizing the bird’s association with wealth and fortune.

🦚 From its elegance and auspicious symbolism, the peacock holds profound significance.

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