Mahamon Jonmaipen

Mahamon Jonmaipen

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Takrud Mahamon Jonmaipen

For uplifting your status in life. To be more prestigious and to support your Finance


Phra Achan Suea Lai Phayak Prakkamo of the Dhamma Center, Dhamma Forest Park, inspired by Dhamma attainment, Korat Province.

Blessing Phra achan seua


Takrud Mahamon was renamed (version to enhance prestige and support fortune)


To call good fortune to stick to you. Support the fate of the worshiper. It helps you make more money, use it to gamble, gamble your fortune, and boost the fortunes of those whose fortunes are falling.


Can be used to solve various problems. It is the ultimate path to great fortune. Money flows continuously. There is always money to eat and use. It can be said that it is complete in terms of finances, luck, business, and great fortune. You can’t carry it until it lives up to its name.


Every flower is filled with super-setthi mineral powder. Carry it without any poverty. Rich people will be richer than before. People who don’t have it will start to become more and more uplifted from their current status.


People who like to gamble can use this.


merchants or anyone selling things at storefronts, sell products online. People running small businesses will make to large businesses.


P.S. The Master said that when you get this Takrud to worship, you have to believe and have faith without doubt.


You have to do something to make a living and This Takrud will help make our lives better. Not just sleeping at home… your money wouldn’t come looking for you No matter how strong the takrud is.


We are only able to bid limited pieces and nothing more. So pieces are limited. Once this is sold out. No more

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