Magic Turtle Mini – (Must have)

Magic Turtle Mini – (Must have)

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Magic Turtle Mini Pendant (Must Have item)

Luang pu Liw Pannako

Wat Rai Tang Thong, Nakhon Pathom province.

size: 2cm

Sangkachai ( laughing buddha) in front, turtle yant behind

The turtle is a symbol of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. It also represents progress in life as the turtle is always walking straight, never backward or walking by the side.


  • Bring prosperity and Longevity.
  • Bring success in Business.
  • Power and a feeling of security.
  • Fertility and Long life. (Sickness repel)
  • Wealthy fetching
  • Dispel all evil dangers and troubles, Protect your home from negative energies.
  • Must have for salespeople and business owners.

Thai people believe that the image of Turtle is extremely powerful in making the owner safe from any harmful thing. It also keeps away bad or evil spirits.


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