LP Nim’s Elephant Takrut

LP Nim’s Elephant Takrut

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Size: 2cm
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Namr Takrud –
the elephant can’t stop, the elephant can’t stop.

Blessing Luang Pu Nim, Phuttha Mongkol Temple


Elephants are very strong. They can lift entire forests of trees and houses. One verse in the Maha Sanae subject says that when the elephant holds back, the elephant pulls cannot stop. This means that the benefit of this will make u a stronger person to be able to face all the challenges and be strong to face all the obstacles that will come.


There is an extended verse that adds – The elephant holds back and never stops loving.

This takrud is made in the Brahman style. The writer observed the Brahmacharini precepts, performed the moonlit ceremony, and woke up with the mantra 108 times, according to his ability, 7 days, 108 periods, using the mantra to lull the Kochasan as a mixture – by using a piece of rope and elephant oil and make a filling powder – placing it in the middle of the takrud.

This mantra is very powerful, no matter how strong you are, you cannot resist the power of this Takrud.

You should get this Takrud and take possession of it. You who is lost, the man/woman who loves you, will find you, carefully and planning, seeing the good values in you.

This Takrud has 9 facets and 10 angles, coupled with both a receiving angle and a fighting angle. When used, it will deepen your affection, overflowing with kindness. No one can escape you, they won’t be able to blink and will breathe down to their necks. You will be the only and only, maximum mesmerizing power.

The Pinthunatang verses awaken Brahma to be the heart. Awaken Phra Narayana as your soul. Phra Agni who has power comes as wisdom. Phra Pai hugs Lad while Mother Earth binds her. Nang Kaew comes to receive her, Nang Kham comes to send her, Nang Thupati Thong, and Nang Kong Klom Hor. All these will result in – pulling the sky down and covering the ground.
Pulling your soul to cover your heart, pulling it into a hug, money comes into you incessantly.

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