Look om Nangkwak

Look om Nangkwak

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Mae Nang Kwak
Luang pu ruam, Wat Kok Sam Ran, Phetchabun province



She is most often seen wearing a traditional Thai dress. It is told her favorite color is red. Close by her left side you will find the money bag. Her hand, position to call money to come in.

Stories about how she has helped people overcome financial difficulties appear on a regular basis in the media in Thailand.

Benefits of Nang Kwak:

☆ Superb Luck

☆ Gambling Luck (4D, Toto, Casino)

☆ Superb Wealth Increase, Good Fortune

☆ Business / Career Progression and Prosperity

☆ Great Metta Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness & Compassion to the Worshiper) Hence wherever the Wearer of this Amulet goes, They will always Receive Assistance,Obtain Favours without Asking and be showered with Love and Compassion by Others.

☆Bestows Advantages To Those Who Are In Professional Line Of Work, Business, Trade or Commerce Or Also Those Working In Entertainment Line Of Work & Those Who Relies On Contracts, Tips and Commissions.

☆ Improves six sense

☆ Help u with Recovering money

This Amulet Can Be Worn By Anyone Without Any Restrictions To Increase Luck Tremendously And To Attract and Draw Wealth from all Directions.

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