Long Krot Krot

Long Krot Krot

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Size : width 0.8 cm x length 3 cm.

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Long Krot Krot (completely in love, charming)
Consecration by Luang Pu Yun Yanwiro, Wat Nong Pa Mak, Sa Kaeo province.

It is for kindness and attraction.
Elders will be kind and compassionate towards you. Only real friends will surround you.

It is blessed with intense magic, emphasizing the aspects of great charm, great love, and great passion.
Enhance attraction in matters of love, be charming, kind and popular.
Enhance your destiny by meeting the right people.

Suitable for people who want to stand out in society, sellers, artists, singers, social media artists, models, night life and DJ
For those with careers that require meeting and talking with people, you will have an aura that stands out from anyone else’s.

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