Labradorite Round Nine-tailed Fox Charm

Labradorite Round Nine-tailed Fox Charm



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Blessed by Lp Kram
Wat bang Kla

🦊✨ In East Asian tales, the Nine-Tailed Fox, deeply rooted in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore, embodies a myriad of mystical traits. Shifting forms seamlessly, often appearing as a woman, these foxes are revered as guardian spirits, symbolizing wisdom and longevity while bridging the mortal and spiritual realms. Encounters with them are deemed auspicious, promising good fortune and prosperity.

✨ Labradorite, a transformative gem, becomes your stalwart ally during life’s changes. It acts as a shield, balancing your aura, heightening consciousness, and unlocking intuitive prowess.

😌 Dispelling fears, Labradorite cultivates faith and trust, sparking creativity, calming the mind, and inspiring fresh ideas.

🌿 Health-wise, this magical crystal addresses various disorders, fostering mental acuity, relieving anxiety, regulating metabolism, and aiding digestion for holistic well-being.
🙏Please kindly note that all purchased crystals will undergo an additional blessing ceremony by monks in the temple, similar to the process followed for amulets. Photo evidence of this will also be provided for your assurance.

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