Krot Ruay (Kod Roy)

Krot Ruay (Kod Roy)


Size : length 2.5 cm

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Takrud Krot Ruay – Wealth
LP Nim

This particular model of Takrud was bestowed by Luang Pu upon a devout layperson who diligently practiced the four “Na” yantras on a lead sheet, seeking to imbibe the virtues of the Buddha.

Here’s some background on the lead plate: Forged from an ancient cast net, this lead plate underwent a transformation, being melted down and shaped into sheets and nets. Consecrated for the purposes of wealth and fortune, these lead nets carry potent blessings to attract prosperity. The inscriptions, etched onto the lead sheet, encapsulate the power of all four yantras.

The four “Na” yantras encompass aspects of wealth, protection, charisma, and career, making it a comprehensive 4-in-1 talisman.

“Na Raek” “Na Na Thong”
A pinnacle of loving-kindness, endearing you to both people and angels alike. “Na Na Thong” augments destiny and prestige, inviting good fortune and enhancing your personal magnetism to captivate those in your vicinity, fostering prosperity along the way.

“Second Na” “Na Have Money”
An emblem of financial abundance, attracting a steady flow of wealth, gold, and silver into your possession.

“Third Na” “Na Maha Niyom”
Gain favor and support from people wherever you tread, garnering agreement and assistance in your endeavors, bringing you joy and contentment.

“Fourth na” “Na eats endlessly”
This yantra possesses formidable potency in matters of wealth, wielding its influence to secure financial abundance and prosperity.

Luang Pu emphasized that when carrying this takrud, it should be positioned in front of you, and above the waist.

For shop owners, displaying it in the store is advised. Prayers directed towards the takrud aim to draw a continuous flow of customers, serving as a fountain of immense wealth.

Worshiping this takrud at home promises blessings of prosperity, financial stability, and familial happiness.

The takrud spreads relief and averts danger for all who seek its protection.

Additionally, it possesses remarkable charm, granting its bearer a magnetic presence and influence.

The katha of Krot Ruay Takrud.

Universal katha (x3) followed by
Nameengern Momeetong Puttasapsin Taalaimatemaa Yamaanimaamaa Sappasanaeha Ma-a-u-pasitthimae Sawaahom.

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