Krapraun Muangthip by LP Nim

Krapraun Muangthip by LP Nim

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Krapraun Muangthip ❤

Love seduction and sensualizes the mind. Bringing you fortunes and great friends.

Say no to toxic friends (filter only good) Seduction of good intentions

Luang pu Nim, Wat Puttha Mongkol, Suphan buri province.

The heavenly bells vibrate loudly, causing love to seduce the mind.
Bringing you fortunes and great friends.
Love will flow in abundance. Wearers are more popular than before. Good fortune appears. Friendship is given.

The divine bell with all its power, the loud sound of bells – Those who carry it will find the energy of complete abundance, causing the person’s thoughts or energy that is conveyed to be only abundance. It voids away the energy of scarcity, jealousy, darkness, and frustration. On a good note, it will be attracting good energy regarding kindness and luck, fortune, money, love, wealth, and abundance.

Those who have bells feel like they have the power of the parents of the universe to support and protect them.

Luang Pu Nim performs a prayer ceremony asking for the merit of the gods and gods.

On the one hand, the Na Ranjanajit yantra is good for charm, great popularity, kindness, and call upon assistance, people won’t think again and come forward to lend a helping hand leading you to the path with no obstacles.

On one side, the Yantra Na Ngern, calling for money to pile up, increases your wealth non-stop. Fortune and wealth are prospering. LP Nim said and confirmed that Yod Yantra Na Ngoen Ma is effective.

Muang Thip bell – It is synonymous with the subject “Krapuan” and worshiping Lord Shiva. Breastplate of Queen Umadeviz. It is a fictional device representing the great god Shiva and Uma in himself.

The owner of Maharanjuan’s recipe, Na Phaya Ngoen Ma, Luang Pho Ngoen, Wat Bang Khlan, is the best. It is a mystical object with magical powers. It allows users to receive wealth, fortune, and success with fortune and prestige.

The magic of this mysterious power, things are made extremely wonderful to you. Richness in charm, kindness, greatness popularity, rich in spirit and to win the hearts of people very well.

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