Kot Setthi – Songkran Special

Kot Setthi – Songkran Special

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1st april to 15th – any item SOLD from these dates from the following launches

** Get complimentary special songkran blessings

** SONGKRAN SALES – each bill gets 1 free pouch

1 takrut order – get 1 random keychain

2 takrut order – get 1 random keychain & 1 random gemstones bracelet

3 takrut order or more – get 1 random keychain , 1 random gemstones bracelet , 1 free limited edition kkgems pouch

** Phra Mae Thorani Order – automatically free 1 bracelet. Able to Stack with other Takrut Promo

** Songkran Special Blessings by LP Kram Includes:

1. Guidance & Protection from the Gods
2. Purification and renewal both physically and spiritually
3. To open up new opportunities and fresh beginnings
4. Washing away the past year’s misfortunes and starting anew.

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Kot Setthi
Luang Pu Chumsai, Raroeng Temple, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Benefit: Good Fortune & Wealth

Takrud Khot Setthi is consecrated with Lead which absorbed and gained power. Inside is a talisman for good fortune and wealth, as well as a talisman for kindness and popularity (ren yuan)

Added with Buddha amulet powder and various sacred powders Knitted with threads of various auspicious colors.

To enhance your fortune & Enhance the prestige

According to Luang Pu Chumsai Athipanyo, who has studied with mental power and the prestige of the teachers of Luang Pu’s line of study,  intentionally charged important mantra of wealth into the takrud to give its maximum capacity to release wealth to its worshipper.

This makes the Takrud very powerful and magical. Luang Pu consecrated it to enhance your fortune, enhance your prestige, and for your fortune and wealth to flow continuously.

You will have a steady supply of money, be rich in trading and all sides of wealth business. The more you diligently pray, worship, pay homage to the Buddha and make merits, you will see results faster.

You will also get a lot of contacts to do your business smooth and easy.

Length 3.2 centimeters

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