Khun Paen Chom Talad

Khun Paen Chom Talad

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💠Name Takrut “Khun Phaen Chom Talad”💠

Blessing Kruba Nun Duang, Wat Nong Wai


#The best of magic subjects that shake the land

Chiang Mai Province, the ultimate monk who has the magic of the north


✔ Covered the ends of amulet with mystical powder which Khun Paen Saen Naree lost according to the ancient formula!!!


Khun Phaen Chom Talat, Amulet of Mudjai passed through the incantation Notable for Mercy Maha Niyom – popularity with people and promoting business and sales.


“Phra Khun Paen” is full of Buddha’s merits.


It would be easy to Befriend people, whether male or female.


The Buddha’s virtues contained in Phra Khun Paen are for great mercy, attraction, and for no one to dislike you.


✨️There is only good relations with anyone.

✨️Talking to anyone has good results.

✨️Selling anything is easy.

✨️Great mercy, charm and attraction, prosperity, mercy, great popularity.

✨️for happiness with anything that comes your way

✨️always have good luck


You will receive great compassion when approaching elders


✨️Although there will be people who dislike you. in the past or in the future, they understand you better, wont harbor anger or hate towards you.

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