Khayee Huajai by LP Nim

Khayee Huajai by LP Nim

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Takrud “Khayee Huajai”

Blessed by Phra kru SunantaChot
(Luang pu Nim)
Wat Putthamongkol, Suphanburi province

*All this have 11 pieces
With monk’s signature 7 pieces
No signature 4 pieces

Size: Width 0.8 cm x Length 3 cm

Heart-crushing Takrud, Luang Pu Nim

An ancient Takrud formula that says “Even for one day I cannot survive, my mind has been twisted and my heart taken away.” The ancient monks do not do this to the general public, they do it only to people who are truly in trouble, the kind who has a wife to take care of, children to support, a husband that has left, a wife who has run away, or a person you like but not like you back. Now, with this takrud placed near you, take their heart and let them strengthen their love back to you.

This is to call them back to you, and they will never have thoughts of leaving you anymore. Mindcalling power.

Carry this takrud whenever you go, whoever you love or are attracted to, have the intention of wanting to be merciful, and they will be attracted to you. Immediately enamored with us, falling in love, ever-lasting love.

However, when praying the Katha, you must include the name of your loved one in the awakening spell. You have to imagine them in your head while praying. Your love will strengthen and he will never have thoughts of leaving you.

That person will love you, be passionate about you, and be extremely merciful to you. For those who are married, it will be calling your husbands and wives and children back. Pray fervently and saying the name of the person will make him/her come back.

When carrying a general takrud, use it as “All people” in the wake-up spell People will be born “Rakācarit” mentality.

It is a merciful, great charm, great popularity, great lasciviousness, enchanting and bewildering, causing lovers and people to fall in love, any woman or man who has eyes on it will come to love and be fond of you. Wherever you go, people come to greet you and talk with affection.

“Love lost” doesn’t have to be searched for the rest of your life. As long as u do merits, u will see results.

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