Ha Peeti (recommended for self help)

Ha Peeti (recommended for self help)

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Takrud Ha Peeti

Huai Haen Temple

blessing Kruba Chanta Anawilo

Whoever worships this Takrud will experience

– Happiness
(Healing you from all forms of sorrow)
– Prosperity
– Good health
(Recovery from diseases)

Created only once by following the ancient texts inside, masked with auspicious herb powder, and then covered with a sheet of silver foil. Yant was inscribed on the talisman and rolled with consecrated silver tinsel. It is also filled with auspicious bell beads that have been consecrated through many ceremonies.

Takrud Ha Peeti helps you find happiness within yourself and find happiness in the people around you. Only bursting positive energy, positive mood.
Uplifting you from any grey and dark areas in your life to find the ray of light and happiness at the end of the tunnel.

With Takrud Ha Peeti aiding you, you will never doubt yourself anymore, and only push yourself forward. Onwards you go in life.

Constantly feeling sluggish and no matter how much you sleep, you do not have that energy? Forever blaming on the sleep debt you may owe, Takrud Ha Peeti can help you muster the strength or desire to be better, stand up, and face all the struggles strongly.

It will help you to love yourself. Self-love is important. It will help you accept that while some days will be difficult, others will also be less difficult. It will help you look forward to tomorrow’s fresh start.

It will help to push yourself to recognize the good.

Pray and worship for 5 years to get a lifetime of good blessings.

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