Heart Gold Needle with 9 Gems

Heart Gold Needle with 9 Gems


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Gold needle + 9 types of Gems

Blessing by Luangphor Koon

The ultimate amulet imbued with Buddhist virtues in every aspect.

You will be safeguarded,
Prosperity will follow in all your endeavors.

9 auspicious gemstones
The Manipakao is supreme in its auspiciousness.
These gemstones are often associated with bringing good fortune, prosperity, protection, and other positive attributes to the wearer or possessor. Manipakao is highly regarded in Thai amulet tradition and is considered a symbol of luck and blessings.

The Great Victory over adversaries – Wealth, love, success, fortune, longevity, faith, courage and protection from all perils. Triumph over foes.
Be charming and kind; stay safe and guarded by angels.

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