Ganesha Mini Statue

Ganesha Mini Statue

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Phra Brahmanand Dwivecii

• remove obstacles and bring prosperity to its wearer and ensures sucess in life

• Ganesha symbols are often worn or displayed by lawyers, performers, and business owner.

• This Amulet will bring you Luck and Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.

• It also make you successful in anything you hope for.

• Believed to protect against evil and can protect wearer from physical / magical hurt

• Boosts wealth

• Boosts charm, attractive for the opposite sex

• Wearer’s Life will be Smoother And Easy.

• Grants wishes

• Changes Bad Situation To Good

Ganesha Worshiping

The process of worshiping Lord Ganesha

1. Light a candle or oil lamp, incense, incense, etc. in front of an idol or a picture of Ganesha.

2. Offer sacrifices to worship. You can place milk, fruit, drinking water in front of Ganesha and pray.

3. Saying the incantation of Lord Ganesha with your own prayers and hymns

4. Recite the Buddha’s name, turn on the altar, meditate, etc.

5. Spread mercy, ask for peace and tranquility finished the ceremony.

The enshrining of Lord Ganesha

1. Most will focus on the east or any other direction except the west.

2. Ganesha needs to have its own place of worhsip and not be mixed with other amulet or Buddha image or monks.

The incantation of worshiping Lord Ganesha is “Om Sri Ganesha na Maha”. Then say a prayer for yourself.

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