Double Dahlia

Double Dahlia



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🪷Double Dahlia – Rich Rak Maha Charm version

🙏By Phrakhru Palad Natthawat Katakusalo (Phra Achan Tao), Wang Mai Buasila Monastery, Sa Kaeo Province.

🔑 Key Benefits:

❤️Enhance love life and professional relationship

❤️ Elevate your negotiation skills

❤️ Make a lasting impression on everyone including clients and superiors

Experience the enchanting collection of 3 sacred takruds, which includes the Silver Takrud, Brass Takrud, and Copper Takrud. Each takrud features a distinct significance of its own.

📎The Silver Takrud showcases a beautifully crafted yantra that evokes the sentiment of “I miss you.”

📎The Brass Takrud features the Yant of Na Kham Nak, for its powerful protective qualities.

📎The Copper Takrud with the Yantra Khamnuengha. This yantra is known for its ability to attract prosperity and abundance.

It has the power to enhance various aspects of life, including attracting love, aiding lost souls, facilitating successful negotiations, and impressing clients or superiors.

🌒 The Double Dahlia is consecrated during a special ceremony held on the full moon day of the 12th lunar month. This auspicious occasion adds to its charm and ensures its positive energy.

The Double Dahlia – a refined and enchanting version that exudes immense charm.

Each ingredient used holds high Buddhist qualities of kindness, making it even more special.

The Double Dahlia possesses a captivating power that radiates kindness and popularity. It is perfect for enhancing luck, facilitating successful negotiations, and boosting business ventures.

The Double Dahlia is beautifully complemented by red aloe vera oil, roi nang flower, chuang Nang flower, sarika flower, dikkalong flower, double love flower, nang rumphueng rampine flower and aloe vera flowers.

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