Dok Mai Thong only in Gold

Dok Mai Thong only in Gold

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Luang Pho Joi (70 years old) (Gold Color)
Damrongdham monastery, Phetchabun province

Takrud Dok Mai Thong, a red medicine subject, recounts experiences passed down through generations. The amulet has miraculous powers and is famous for protection.

He Installed the main pillar to support the trough.
Tanao Kham Rang Ya Pipe support pellet head . Takraw with kapok pellets inside = Takrud recipe, magic powder formula for filling (only this information can be revealed).

It’s a trick to know how to love and remember, to make Takrud Dok Thong. Excellent, perfect kindness at the target spreads to every molecule.
Affection pierces every pore. Luang Pu Joi has studied a lot, where everything is pure, the noble truth, dukkham, impermanence, anattā 🙏🏻

You will be treated with kindness, and popularity and everyone admires you. People will give you love and passion. There is value in protecting oneself without being tarnished.

From here, richness will follow, luck is always on your side. You will see why you are far more outstanding than the rest. Rise like now a star!

This takrud will support you through difficulties, aid you when you gamble, help you with decision-making, and help you choose friends that are meant for you.
Say no to toxic friends!

There is a mantra inscribed that even if you get all these benefits, you will be protected from getting sick so you can continue to thrive and continue to roll only to the highest peak.

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