Dao Neur Doung (Northern Star 18 Arhats)

Dao Neur Doung (Northern Star 18 Arhats)

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Northern Star 18 Arhats

(Dao Neur Doung)

Blessed by Luang pho Sayakoun


Northern Star, 18 Arhats, 18 Ways of Wealth and Ending Suffering in Minutes


Wins luck over destiny and brings life to prosperity and brightness


18 stars in the direction, 18 Arahant Khinasop, pulling out the magic of the zodiac Summons the power of 18 great arhats, Mantra Mantra, pulls the earth, lifts the sky, pulls the fate of life


“North Star 18 Arhats” Charged with the power of the auspicious king casting with meteoroid material It is above the horoscope, like a cat with 9 lives,

💥no pain

💥no poverty

💥Will rich and successful

💥superior to people

💥Able to rule the house,

💥rule the city (be a leader) (be a manager )

💥Be owner of the company,

💥Be a Shop owner

💥Amnat Ratchasak comes with wealth above him, above people, above his luck.


The North Star does not go down Not failing, falling down, the more 18 powerful arhats who bind the mind into the talisman, inviting to help, therefore, the more auspicious, good in every way, progress in everything.

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