Charming Mermaid with Charming Oil

Charming Mermaid with Charming Oil

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Mae ngeak Maha sanae “Charming Mermaid”

Blessed by Ajarn Nendoi, Wat Kao Aor, Trang province.

This powerful charming Mermaid is waiting to fulfill its owner’s wish happily.


it was described in the magical scripture that “Even if you pray to make someone fascinate, favor, like and fall in love with you, that person will sacrifice all things to find and please you”.


Pray for your wishes, charm, successful negotiation, successful sales, love, and money Luck!


The mermaid is known to be very good at charming fishermen, and boatmen to Please the mermaid by giving her all their attention, pretty things, and gold.


it was known that the mermaid grants the wishes of the village people near the sea especially when they do offerings during songkran festival.


Charming Mermaid Oil – consists of 108 flower oil


The mermaid was encased in the “Charming Mermaid Oil” which referred to the mermaid’s tear. This oil has been very popular since the past until now and it is very strong in the case of charm. This oil is so powerful that it can attract the lover to swim across the sea to meet the owner of this oil.


“Charming Mermaid Oil” is one of the most charming oils of the southern part. People believe that this oil will bring luck and money to the owner. It also strengthens how you look and suppresses other charming amulets too.



(Normal Katha, followed by:)

Na Moo Phutta Ya

Na Maa Pa Ta

Ja Pa Ka Sa

3x Times.

Focus your mind to amulet and ask /say to amulet your wish.

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