Chanajon Konjaruay

Chanajon Konjaruay

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Size : length 3.8 cm.

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Chanajon Konjaruay
(win poverty to become the rich)

Phra kru Palad chi ra pong (Luang pho Liang),
Wat Chom Kase, Phra Nakornsri Ayuthaya province.

The best amulet for attracting money, attracting gold, attracting riches, and attracting wealth.

LP of Chom Kaset Temple, made this takrud to help the kith and kin.

He prayed and consecrated it alone with great strength and sharpness. He consecrated it with Mahala Ruay magic spells to attract wealth, money, and excellent gold, characters that are inscribed on takrud plates.

It is the mantra of Phra Sivali’s heart – spells to attract wealth as well as kindness, popularity, good fortune, and trading. Whoever owns this model of Takrud and worships it and uses it to trade, attract money, attract gold, have luck, and have fortune, such that there is no shortage of money.

In addition, the amulet characters marked on the metal plate were also used to invoke the merits of the teachers that Luang Por Liang had learned from. He gave blessings to this sacred object to have strong and magical power with the Buddha’s virtues of Takrud Chanapoor. People will be rich and can call for money and gold in times of famine. The savings u have that you need to use for when a disaster occurs, damaged things, or a failed business. All this money is hard to find. Whoever worships this Takrud will have the power to call back money and gold quickly.

Money comes rushing in incessantly. It’s like we cast a net to catch fish. The wide-eyed net catches a lot of fish, brings in money, and brings in piles of gold all over the house. Grab anything and get money or gold.

Buddha’s virtues are good at attracting money and gold and are also good at attracting popularity, good business, and good fortune.

Those who worship it will have great fortune. and great wealth.
The most powerful money trap and gold trap. Good in both negotiations Trading is very good.

Luang Nanny has been charged with Phutthakhom on Mahalaruay 108 which is the subject of calling wealth, calling money, calling gold for anyone who worships and has it to possess. There will be no disappointment. Money will never be short of hand, like what we have to eat and use, it will never run out.

Impasse changes life’s destiny. Think of money, you get money, think of gold, you get gold. Make your wishes and your wishes will be fulfilled, your desires will be fulfilled, Takrud will win over poverty, and people will be rich.

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